Shepherd and Durham Major Investment Project

The Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority (MHRA) is pleased to announce that both phases of the Shepherd and Durham Major Investment Project are now funded. The corridors were originally added to the MHRA Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) in 2016 when planning efforts identified the project as an opportunity to achieve significant improvements in safety, access, connectivity, and congestion. The project was discussed in detail with the community at a public meeting held on May 2, 2018, at the Historic Heights City Hall and Fire Station.

Virtual Public Hearing

The Shepherd and Durham Major Investment Project is sponsored by MHRA. TxDOT is conducting the environmental review. The Virtual Public Hearing follows the format established by TxDOT guidelines. This hearing is required under the Texas Administrative Code because of the addition of bicycle lanes as part of the proposed project, which is considered a “substantial change in function.” Though the hearing is required due to the bicycle improvements, this project has many other valuable scope elements that address increasing safety, improving the poor condition of the roadway surface, expanding multimodal access, mitigating flooding, and improving mobility along Shepherd and Durham Drives.

Video Presentation (English)

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Video Presentation (Spanish)


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