New Streetlights In Progress at Shepherd and Durham: Key Community Benefits

In major cities, something as simple as well-lit streets is often taken for granted. Yet, adequate lighting plays an important role in our daily lives, enhancing safety and helping us navigate. Currently, lights are being installed between 15th and 20th streets. These lights will be activated in the coming months, and we’re excited to share what this progress means for the community.

  1. Enhanced Safety and Security: One of the primary benefits of street lights is their ability to improve safety and security. Illuminated streets discourage criminal activity, making public spaces less attractive to potential offenders. Well-lit areas also instill a sense of security in residents, fostering a vibrant and livable community.
  2. Increased Visibility and Road Safety: Street lights significantly improve visibility, particularly during nighttime or adverse weather conditions. Illuminated roadways allow drivers to see pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles more clearly, reducing the likelihood of crashes. Pedestrians also benefit from enhanced visibility, enabling them to cross roads safely and confidently. Moreover, street lights enhance the visibility of road signs, traffic signals, and intersections, ensuring that crucial information is readily available to all road users.
  3. Promoting Active Lifestyles and Recreation: Streetlights play a vital role in promoting active lifestyles and encouraging recreational activities. Public spaces illuminated by street lights foster a sense of community, encouraging residents to come together for evening walks, sports, or social gatherings.
  4. Increased Economic Activity: Well-lit streets contribute to a vibrant nighttime economy, enabling businesses to extend their operating hours and attract customers after the sun sets. The resulting increase in economic activity not only benefits businesses but also generates employment opportunities.

While we may not always consciously acknowledge their presence, streetlights offer several significant benefits that contribute to our overall well-being and quality of life. For updates on the street light activations, follow us on Twitter at @MHRAHou.


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Street Closure This Week

The City of Houston has scheduled a temporary water service outage tonight, April 24, starting at 9:00 p.m. and lasting through the morning of Thursday, April 25.

Residents and businesses in the vicinity of Shepherd @ 28th St. will be impacted. For weekly construction updates, visit