Shepherd and Durham Major Investment Project

The Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority (MHRA) is pleased to announce that both phases of the Shepherd and Durham Major Investment Project are now funded. To learn more, click the button below:

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Houston Avenue at White Oak Drive Intersection Improvements

MHRA worked with the City of Houston and HPARD to reconfigure the intersection of Houston Avenue at White Oak Drive to alleviate driver confusion, improve crossing conditions for pedestrians/cyclists, and improve connectivity to all amenities surrounding the intersection. The improvements included closure of a short block of Wrightwood west of Houston Avenue and reclamation of the area as a gateway park, realignment of the intersection, installation of new roadway surfaces, reconstruction of sidewalks, installation of new traffic signals, and the installation of a 10-foot wide shared path north of the project to connect to Woodland Park. The project also included the re-establishment and extension of dedicated bike lanes at the intersection and south over Interstate 10 to Spring Street, allowing the connection of pedestrians and cyclists to the White Oak Bayou Trail and the MKT Trail. The bike lanes on Houston Avenue are the first implementation of the new City of Houston bicycle standards.


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