Key Changes to The Shepherd Durham Project

Based on the improved traffic information provided by the INRIX Origin/Destination data and our discussions with Mayor Whitmire, we have updated our plans to better serve the needs of the community. Key changes to the project include:

  • Shepherd and Durham Drives: The plans will now include three, 11-foot through lanes on both Shepherd and Durham drives, replacing the current design of three lanes of eleven, ten and eleven feet wide.
  • 11th Street: The updated plans will retain two through lanes in each direction between Shepherd and Durham, significantly enhancing the level of service at this critical intersection by nearly 50%. Additionally, 11th Street will transition to one lane in each direction at Dorothy.

The TIRZ will conduct an additional traffic signal analysis 6-12 months after the project’s completion and will provide this analysis to the City to ensure the best optimization for final traffic signal adjustments.

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Street Closure This Week

The City of Houston has scheduled a temporary water service outage tonight, April 24, starting at 9:00 p.m. and lasting through the morning of Thursday, April 25.

Residents and businesses in the vicinity of Shepherd @ 28th St. will be impacted. For weekly construction updates, visit