Stay Safe While Driving Around Memorial Heights Construction Sites With 9 Simple Tips


Your safety is our number one priority with any construction we undertake in the Memorial Heights community. Currently, there are multiple projects in the area that we want to ensure you are aware of and comfortable navigating. We’ve put together some helpful tips below that you can use to stay safe around these construction sites. 

Tips for Safe Driving Around Construction

Construction sites or work zones can be tricky to navigate, especially the first time you deal with them. We have made every effort to ensure that signage around Memorial Heights construction sites is clear, that safety is emphasized to the highest degree, and that as little interruption occurs to your usual travel as possible. Here are ten helpful tips via the National Safety Council to make the experience even safer:

  1. Keep Calm and Carry On: We know it can be stressful to have your roadway interrupted. We are committed to making the experience as stress-free as possible but anticipate changes to your usual routine. 
  2. Alternate Route: Identify alternate routes and use them when appropriate.
  3. Leave Earlier: Expect to add some buffer time to the estimated commute or travel duration. 
  4. Merge Sooner Rather Than Later: Merge as soon as you are able to, rather than at the last moment. This is actually faster for everyone!
  5. Plan for Some Unexpected Interruptions: Expect aspects like the speed limit to be modified. This can change more than once.
  6. Stay Slow and Steady: It’s tempting to want to get out of a construction area as fast as possible, but a slow and steady approach actually makes the flow of traffic smoother and safer.
  7. Follow Signage: Keep an eye out for any important signage directing traffic.
  8. Avoid Tailgating and Leave More Space: Tailgating is common in construction-affected zones. Help us help you by leaving extra space between your vehicle and the car ahead of you. You may need to stop suddenly or account for nearby workers.
  9. Watch For Flaggers: If you see a flagger directing traffic, follow their guidance. 
  10. Phone Down, Eyes Up: It’s tempting to glance down at a text, talk on the phone, or change up your music, but using your phone or radio while driving in a construction zone will make it hard for you to stay alert and safe.

In addition to the above tips, please keep an eye out for construction workers, pedestrians, and bicyclists as you travel through work zones. You may come across pedestrians and bicyclists in areas of the projects where you are not accustomed to seeing them, and construction workers may be anywhere within the work zone. Stay focused and drive with caution as we all work to build a better, safer neighborhood.

Current Memorial Heights Construction Projects

We hope these tips will help you navigate any roadways you encounter that are impacted by a construction site. Currently, we are in the midst of some very exciting projects at the White Oak Bayou Trail in Memorial Heights. Look out for these projects and incorporate them into your upcoming driving plans:

Currently Underway→ 

  • Shepherd Durham Project
  • Sidewalk atHeights Blvd. & Center St. and re-striping of Heights from Washington to I-10

Anticipated to Begin in June/July or Later →

  • Median construction at Houston Ave. & Spring St. Center 
  • Trail crossings at Heights Blvd. & 7th St. 
  • Trail crossing at White Oak Dr. & Heights Blvd. 
  • Pavement marking at West Dallas
  • Traffic Light at Yale and Center (In Design Stage)

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